About the Journal | Editorial Statement
Dedicated to the history and subsequent development of sociology, Sociological Origins is a selective peer-reviewed
journal founded to provide a forum for disciplinary historians in sociology and an archive for significant disciplinary
documents.  Our mission is to challenge the ahistorical, narrowly scientistic intellectual poverty that marks too much
sociological work and training in the U.S. today.  A guiding principle for
Sociological Origins is a deep commitment
to inclusive authorship and content.  We are especially pleased to publish material exploring and documenting the
sociological work of early women, members of racial and ethnic minorities, and of noteworthy scholars everywhere
whose disciplinary contributions have been benignly dismissed, willfully ignored or unjustifiably suppressed by elitist
sociological gatekeepers.

As a reflexive enterprise,  
Sociological Origins endeavors to celebrate, empirically document, and rigorously explicate
the unsung labors of the many, the largely unknown legions of capable and insightful scholars who planted, tended
and nursed the early groves of academic sociology and who pioneered and paved wide avenues of sociological
practice.  The work of the unheralded sociological pioneers featured in
Sociological Origins provides an exciting
constellation of morally honorable, ethically principled, empirically rigorous, and theoretically robust alternative
professional and intellectual models for the sociologists of tomorrow.

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