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George Elliott Howard: Pioneering Intellectual Benefactor

Sociological Origins commemorates the scientific spirit, the thoughtful, ethical and
empirical principles, and the humane social visions championed in the life and work of
Nebraska’s preeminent sociologist.  George Elliott Howard (1849-1928) was a distinguished
historian and social scientist, a member of the second graduating class at the University of
Nebraska (1876), a nationally-recognized historian, Head of the Department of Sociology at
the University of Nebraska, and President of the American Sociological Society (1917).

Howard’s Library logo is a digital reproduction of the distinctive stamp with which
George Elliott Howard imprinted his personal books. The imprint can be seen today in many
volumes that Howard donated to the University of Nebraska library.  

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George Elliott Howard
Friends and Material Benefactors

Sociological Origins is grateful to everyone who believed in our potential and who continues to support the journal
through subscriptions, submissions, and encouraging words.  Additionally, the journal’s founding and sustaining
benefactors have supplied significant levels of unsolicited material assistance for which we are especially indebted.