The HMSS Award

The HMSS Award is presented by the members of the Harriet Martineau Sociological
Society for sustained Investigations and notable scholarly publications explicating the
remarkable lives and careers of early women sociologists.  

Previous Recipients of the HMSS Award

Lynn McDonald – 1997
Susan Hoecker-Drysdale – 1998
Kay Richards Broschart – 2000
Helena Znaniecka Lopata – 2001
Michael R. Hill – 2002
Patricia Madoo Lengermann and Jill Niebrugge-Brantley – 2003
Linda J. Rynbrandt – 2004
Deborah Anna Logan – 2005
Alice S. Rossi – 2006
Mary Jo Deegan – 2007
Vasilikie Demos – 2008

Other Awards

A Special Distinguished Executive Commendation for Scholarly Achievement in Service of
the History of Sociology was presented Jointly by the Distinguished Scholarly Achievement
Award Committee of the ASA Section on the History of Sociology and the Committee of
the Whole of the Harriet Martineau Sociological Society to:       

    Mary E. Curtis – 2006

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