Martineau Irish Studies CD

In anticipation of the 2007 HMSS Study Tour, we have prepared a CD-ROM for
Windows PCs filled with PDF copies of Martineau’s Irish studies (plus a detailed atlas
of Ireland and many other useful and related documents and publications), including:

Harriet Martineau’s
Ireland (1832), Letters from Ireland (1852), Condition and
Prospects of Ireland
(1853), Endowed Schools of Ireland (1853) and Eight Articles by
Martineau on Ireland reprinted from Charles Dickens’
Household Words (1852):  “The
Life of a Salmon,” “Peatal Aggression,” “The English Passport System,” “Triumphant
Carriages,” “Hope with a Slate Anchor,” “The Irish Union,” “The Famine Time,” and
“Butter.”  All works are facsimile image files (
not text files) scanned from scarce
editions of Martineau’s writings.  Click here, for
the CD’s complete Table of Contents
[PDF 13.1KB].

The CD-ROM will be promptly mailed (postage paid) to addresses within the USA and
Canada upon receipt of your check for $15.00 in US funds.  Please remit to
R. Hill, Editor, Sociological Origins, 2701 Sewell Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502 USA.

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