Howard's Library Publications
The separately published titles appearing in the Howard’s Library Catalog comprise
ongoing projects of the George Elliott Howard Institute for Advanced Sociological
Research.  A CD-R is available for $10.00 containing .pdf versions of the below listed
previously published titles.  To obtain the CD-R, please remit in US currency to:
Sociological Origins, 2701 Sewell Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502 USA.

  • Dissertations and Theses Sponsored by the Department of Sociology in the
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1905-1999: Alphabetical and Chronological
    Lists. Compiled with an Introduction by Michael R. Hill. 2000.
  • Nebraska Sociology Today and Yesterday: A Comprehensive List of Books in
    Print. Compiled by Michael R. Hill. 2001.
  • Reviews in French from L’Année sociologique (1896-1905) of Books,
    Monographs, and Articles Published in English: A Chronological List. Compiled
    with an Introduction by Michael R. Hill. 2002.
  • A Call for the Social Puritan. By George Elliott Howard. With an editorial by the
    Nebraska State Journal. Edited with Endnotes by Michael R. Hill. 2002.
  • In Harriet Martineau’s Footsteps: Topographical Quotations for Walks around
    Ambleside. By Harriet Martineau. Edited and arranged by Michael R. Hill. 2002.
  • The English Lake District, April and May in Ambleside, and Our Farm of Two
    Acres. By Harriet Martineau. Edited by Michael R. Hill. 2002.
  • Letter to the Deaf. By Harriet Martineau. Edited with an introduction by Mary Jo
    Deegan and Michael R. Hill. 2002.

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