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Nebraska Sociology Graduate Alumni Resources
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What is the Nebraska Sociological Tradition?
George E. Howard's Department History [PDF 1.8MB]
J.O. Hertzler's Departmental Chronicle [PDF 2MB]
Edward A. Ross' Nebraska Lustrum [PDF 1.5MB]
Lucile Eaves' Sociological Life History [PDF 559KB]
Hutton Webster's Autobiography [PDF 3.2MB]
Nebraska Sociology Centennial Souvenir Booklet [PDF 3.8MB]
List of UNL Theses & Dissertations 1905-2000 [PDF 327KB]
The History and Foundations of Nebraska Sociology: A Reader [PDF 22.2 MB]

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2005 was the Centennial of the first
Ph.D. in Sociology awarded at the
University of Nebraska.

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