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Sociological Origins, 2701 Sewell Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502 USA.
  • Volume 1, Number 1 (Summer 1998): Mary E.B.R.S. Coolidge; A Chicago Symposium on Edward A. Ross with
    Herbert Blumer, Ethel Shanas, Eyler Newton Simpson, and George Herbert Mead; Caroline Bartlett Crane.
  • Volume 1, Number 2 (Winter 1999): The Adlers on the Joys of Research; Symposium on Le Play and Amos G.
    Warner; Eva J. Ross in Columbia.
  • Volume 2, Number 1 (Summer 2000): Charlotte P. Gilman and Beatrice Webb; Charles H. Parrish; George Herbert
    Mead’s Last Class; African-American Women in Sociology.  Special Supplement:  George Elliot Howard’s Studies
    in Europe.
  • Volume 2, Number 2 (Winter 2000): Nebraska Sociology Centennial Special Issue:  Lucile Eaves’ Sociological Life
    History; Émile Durkheim and others on George Elliott Howard; Loren Eiseley’s Sociological Training.  Special
    Supplement:  Nebraska Sociology Archival Souvenir of Facsimile Documents.
  • Volume 3, Number 1 (Autumn 20003): Sociology of Dogs: Charles Darwin, Frances Power Cobbe, Roscoe
    Pound, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Annie Marion MacLean, G.H. Mead, Leslie Irvine, Mary Jo Deegan, David Nibert.  
    CD Color Supplement: An Album of Humorous Dog Postcards.
  • Volume 3, Number 2 (Spring 2005): Proceedings of the 2002 Harriet Martineau Sociological Society Working
    Seminar; an unpublished Martineau letter on Auguste Comte; a new translation of the introduction to the French
    edition of Martineau’s Society in America.  Special Supplement:  Sociological Thought Experiments.  CD Color
    Supplement:  Alfred Heaton Cooper’s Lake District Paintings.
  • Volume 4, Number 1 (Autumn 2005): Helena Znanieka Lopata; William I. Thomas
  • Volume 4, Number 2 (Spring 2006): The Sociology of Poetry
  • Volume 5, Number 1 (Autumn 2006): Irish Sociology
  • Volume 5, Number 2 (Spring 2008):  HMSS at the National University of Ireland-Maynooth
  • Volume 6, Number 1 (Spring 2010): HMSS at Boston College; Giuseppina Cersosimo on G.H. Mead, Women &
    Medicine; and A Symposium on Nebraska's Rabbi Jacob Singer.
  • Volume 6, Number 2 (Fall 2010): Symposium on Saint-Simon's Nouveau christianisme.

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